E Mail Marketing

Itilttle provides e-Mail Marketing services to provide email-based promotion of brands or products. At Itlittle we create campaigns for email marketing which consists of a cycle in which on a specific interval the emails are sent in bulk order. Email Marketing has become very important now a days to introduce your products to your audience who don't know your product and to remind the existing one.

email marketing

For many growing companies, email marketing is one of the first tools of marketing belt. Email marketing is an awesome method by which marketers engage their customers and makes them a loyal customer.

Modern email marketing tools today are even capable of knowing that if the email has been opened by the target customer or not.

Some of the important things to be taken care of while doing email marketing are as below: -

  • Write precise and targetting email: - The email should be written in a way the user doesn’t need to read a lot of content as nobody wants to read a lot.
  • Provide the link to refer your website or product landing page: - It is very important to provide a valid link that refers to your online existence. Always test all the links that no link is broken before scheduling your email marketing campaign.
  • Try not to use images: - Nowadays google and similar email service providers are having a very smart email filter system that spams pictorial emails.

Opt-in Itlittle’s professional service for email marketing to target your customers and make them loyal customers.