Domain Registration

Domain registration is the process of registering a domain name, domain name registration is necessary for a website, a corporate email or another web services. Domain names identifies one or more IP address with a name that is easier to remember and use URLs to identify the particular web pages.

Sometimes, in non-technical terms we use the term website registration which means the same as booking a domain. There is a number or organisations working in the filed of domain registration process, many of them are domain registrants who have taken the authority from ICANN to sell domain names.

domain registration

==How to register a domain?

To register a domain one first need to think the best name that can suite his website needs or which best describes his business, profession or personality. Now a days domain come with different extensions: -

  1. .com - A generally used extension, used for commercial websites.
  2. .in, .uk, .au, etc, (depending on the countary name) - A countary based extension, describing demographics.
  3. .org - An extension used for organisational domains.
  4. .net - A domain used for networking purpose.
  5. - A co-operative domain extension for indian geography.
  6. .ac, .edu - An educational portal or website.
  7. .io - One of the modern domain types used by developers to show their technical passion.
  8. .shop - A domain used for online shops

Beyond this, there is a variety of domains that are in trend now.

Once we decide the name and type of domain we need to search for the same on registrants portal and if its available then we can proceed to purchase the same.

A thumb rule for selecting the domain name is considered, i.e. to look for .com extension availability, and ignore that particular domain name if the .com extension has already been booked. However, if the .com extension is available, but .info or .org has been booked by someone else, we can proceed to book .com as it will be the best from all and most common used one.

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==Concept of Sub-domains

Everytime, you don't need to book the domain if you are working for the same project or some extensions of the same project. There is a termonology used 'Sub-Domains', we can make the sub-domain by following a few simple steps. Subdomain, name gets added as prefix with a dot(.) to the domain names. Even a subdomain works as a new website.

Eg. Lets take an example of a corporate website. The company decided to make a blog for the company website in that case company can create a subdomain of the website

The company can create a blog portal on the same subdomain and this way a blog with the url get created.