Custom Software Development

Custom Software is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or user. Such software is designed to address the need of an organization in a particular field. Such software is typically created just for specific organization or entity by a third-party. It is sometimes contractual or in-house developed package.

Like any other software development process custom software development is made in a different way. There are several models used for custom software development. The model is defined on the basis of the type of software to be developed. E.g. If we are developing the software in an existing system then COCOMO model is used in which the existing system is studied and tried to use maximum resources from the existing one. In case a new system is to be developed the most popular one WATERFALL model is used.

custom software development

We at Itlittle provide world class custom software development facility as per your requirements. We have an experienced group of developers who works day and night to make world class custom software.

The main features of our custom software development are as below:

  • Get the software developed within budget:
  • Get technical issues resolved by us:
  • Get trained for free:
  • Get the software integrated for free:
  • Get Customized for free:
  • Free one year technical support:

As custom software is designed on demand so it’s a bit costly with respect to off-the-shelf software. So, we are here to help you in minimizing your costs by providing you proper suggestions.

==How we develop Custom software and help you minimize your budget: -

  1. We provide you a questionnaire which clearly gets your software requirements and thus it minimizes our effort of understanding you needs due to which we don’t charge high for your consultancy.
  2. We create prototype of your software and then give it to you for review. Once you finalize the changes, then we start building the first version of your software.
  3. Once your software gets developed we send it for testing and then provide you the first release with the main goals of your software so that you can start using it and report its bug reports too.

We then add functionalities in the software depending on your priorities and release the version respectively