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We the Web designers have no time of work. We do the work as per our projects. So you can call us Project-crawlers, who works as per project need. If you want a fully responsive, attractive and user friendly website, application or Desktop application within timeline then please contact us.

Itlittle is a web development company in Patna working for making our country digital. It is a group of freelancers working together to take the part in initiatives of building digital India. Here in Itlittle we are working with technology to make changes in the information system i.e. make informations digital and user-friendly. So as to make it freely available for maximum of the population.

Who We Are

We are a group of freelancers working for making our country digital and trying to spread information about all the organisations in our country to general public. So that no information regarding any organisation in our country lacks popularity in the country and world


Meet the Team

Pankaj Singh Analyst An Artist, a Programmer, a technical leader, a motivator. Good at analysis.
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Manish Kumar Lead Developer Profound knowledge of programming. Capable to build responsive, userfriendly and attractive websites and web applications in short interval of time. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Vikash Kumar Designer A fantastic designer. Good knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHOTOSHOP, Corel Draw and sometimes also work as assistant programmer Facebook Twitter Linkedin